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Waste and water treatment

Sector:Soil remediation technologies engineering office
Type:'High pressure' fan MHD-HPBc-HT 1A/27 ex.12 AISI304 with 15kW 2P motor 400/660V 50Hzbelt driven ex.12/W stainlesssteel AISI304, for air up to +300°C continu. Application : Soil decontamination - treatment of dioxins
Working point:1.500 m³/h @ - 80 mBar
Sector:Soil remediation
Type:MMA-AB-AT 630/A ex.4 15kW, with 15kW 2P motor. Fully welded casing and with cooling disk for air up to +150°C. Application : soil remediation by thermal treatment
Working point:4.900 m³/h @ 576 mmWC
Sector:Waste treatment
Type:Axial fan in plastic material MVE-P-AX 804 T, with bifurcated motor 4kW (outside the flow). Application : sucking air with high level of chlorine before treatment.
Working point:33.000 m³/h