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Centrifugal roof extractor. Diameter from 220 to 530 mm. Directly coupled motor. […]

High performance centrifugal roof extractor. With high yield backward curved wheel diameter […]

Centrifugal roof extractor with outer deflector for vertical discharge. Diameter from 220 […]

Centrifugal roof extractor with wing profile blades. Fiberglass roof. Base for securing […]

Compact axial roof fan for extracting large air volumes. High strength, easy […]

Axial flow fan with light alloy die-cast impeller with wing-profile blades. Fiberglass […]

Vertical discharge axial roof fan (better efficiency and faster dispersion of the […]

Roof top unit with horizontal discharge, with housing, disc-rotor motor, 100% controllable, […]

Roof top unit « flat serie » with horizontal discharge, disc-rotor motor, 100% controlable, IP65, low […]