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Fans for corrosive environmentsFilters

Huge range of axial, centrifugal and roof fans designed for extracting humid, corrosive, loaded and/or fat air and vapor up to +200°C. In plastic or stainless steel. Up to 170.000 m³/h and 11.000 Pa.

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Bifurcated ducted axial fan. Diameter from 500 to 1.000 mm. Directly coupled […]

Bifurcated ducted axial fan in plastic material. Motor outside the air flow. […]

Axial fan with plastic rounded casing. Customized solution with duty point on […]

Small size forward curved blade centrifugal fan in INOX304. For all industrial […]

Plastic spiral fan, for wall application. Wall plate in PP, blades in […]

Centrifugal fan in plastic material (PE or PP), low noise, high efficiency. […]

Small size centrifugal plastic fan, with direct coupling. Use: smoke and corrosive […]

Centrifugal fan in plastic materials with forward curve impeller, direct coupling. Circular […]

Centrifugal fan in plastic materials with forward curve impeller in plastic, belt […]