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"High temperature" fansFilters

Wide range of axial, centrifugal, box and roof fans designed for extracting hot air up to +90°C, +150° or +350°C according their configuration (direct coupling, belt-driven, bifurcated motor,...).

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Maximum temperature in a fan depends of its configuration : – a […]

Belt-driven centrifugal fan for hot air extraction up to +300°C. With cooling […]

“High temperature” centrifugal roof extractor, up to +200°C continuous. Diameter from 350 […]

Small size forward curved blade centrifugal fan, designed for air up to […]

Bifurcated ducted axial fan. Diameter from 500 to 1.000 mm. Directly coupled […]

Backward curved blade centrifugal fan with quadrangular construction. Reduced dimensions thanks to […]