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Smoke extract fansFilters

Ideal solution for emergency evacuation of fumes and hot gasses in case of fire, these fans (axial, centrifugal, box, roof) are certified to F300 or F400 class in compliance with Standard EN12101-3.

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High efficiency ducte axial fans for high temperature smoke extraction. Diameter from […]

Ducted axial fans for high temperature smoke extraction. With long casing, inspecion […]

High performance ducted axial fan with vane axial system with air straightener […]

Centrifugal roof extractor MDY-FC-HT, wheel with diameter 400 to 800 mm. Directly […]

Centrifugal roof fan suitable for high temperature smoke extraction, with vertical exhaust […]

Roof axial fans F400 with high efficiency designed for high flow. Impeller […]

Backward curved blade centrifugal fan with quadrangular construction. Reduced dimensions thanks to […]

Axial impulse fan MDY-CC-JD HT. Designed and certified F300/120 and F400 (in […]