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Engine rooms

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Roof top unit with horizontal discharge, with housing, disc-rotor motor, 100% controllable, […]

Round duct centrifugal in-line fan with EC motor. Low noise. Limited dimensions. […]

Centrifugal roof extractor with horizontal exhaust. Diameter wheel from 350 to 900 […]

Centrifugal roof extractor with vertical exhaust. Diameter wheel from 350 to 900 […]

ATEX certified (2014/34/EU) plate mounted axial fan, diamater from 210 up to […]

Long cased axial fan with external terminal box. Direct driven. Certified ATEX […]

Short cased axial fan with aluminium impeller. Belt-driven, with motor outside the […]

Plastic spiral fan, for wall application. Wall plate in PP, blades in […]